ELA Weekly Assessment 3rd Grade (Growing Bundle)

You asked, I answered. This resource is a result of multiple requests from 3rd grade teachers that have been using the ELA Morning Work {3rd Grade}. These teachers wanted a way to assess the skills practiced throughout the week.

These weekly assessments are a companion for the Good Morning, Sunshine! ELA Morning Work {3rd Grade}. The morning work is available in an ELA bundle or the ELA + Math Morning Work {3rd Grade}.

The ELA morning work covers critical language, grammar, and comprehension skills over the year. The suggested way to use this resource is by reviewing the skills throughout the week with the morning work, and then giving the assessment on Friday for a weekly quiz grade.

Not only will this hold your students accountable, but this also serves as a gauge for students' learning. Plus, it's a consistent weekly quiz grade with a streamlined answer key to be easy on your teacher eyes!

Please remember that this is a GROWING Bundle and the assessments will be released on the 15th of each month. You can see the schedule below:

Schedule for Upcoming ELA Weekly Assessments

  • August: available now
  • September: available now
  • October: available now
  • November: available now
  • December: available now
  • January: available now
  • February: available now
  • March: available now
  • April: available now
  • May: 4/15/2019
  • June: 5/15/2019
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